Tony Mayne ‘Imaginative Relations’ LIPSERVICE: Journal of London Independent Photography Sept 1996

…Julia Dogra-Brazell showed three colour self-portraits and revealed her manipulation of the-camera-taking-the-photograph. In other words, they were self-consciously self referential. Each picture was illuminated by strong cross-lighting from the right using window light (or artificial light projected through a window, or a frame.) Her uses of mirrors and props, plus her own dress, were literate, stylish and well-executed. Each background had a different colour – cyan, magenta or cream. All were ‘constructed’ images. I felt that the idea behind these photographs – Victor Burgin’s identification of the subject with the camera position as the ‘primary suturing instance of the discourse of still photography’ – had probably been exploited to the limits of its effectiveness; but I am prepared to be surprised by further explorations.