Plot (2001-6)

Super 8 Colour/B&W/Sound       4 mins 38 secs
English, French without subtitles.

Plot dvd cover

Plot was released on DVD in 2008 with an interview in conversation with Anna Thew and Helen De Witt. It is included in the  British Artists Film and Video Study Collection housed at Central St. Martins School of Art and Design.The film took six years to make. Using the languages of her childhood (French) and adulthood (English) as she travelled back and forth to Switzerland where her mother lay seriously ill, the camera was used as a diary recording little snatches of daily life, moments insignificant in themselves and certainly inadequate to the task of telling the stories of those years or what came before. As such, Plot takes the form of a  ‘film fragment’ that eschews any straightforward narrative intention, causation or chronological structure. It relies instead on the material texture of the work to promote ‘the possibility of the emergence of memory through a visual and auditory sensation of speed and change’ (Susan Trangmar, ‘Frame Of Mind’, Next Level  Ed 2 Vol 4, 2005)

Screening History:

2017 Filmarmalade 10th Anniversary Screenings 2007-2017 Close-Up Film Centre, London
2016 Chronicle of a Sound:The Films of Julia Dogra-Brazell, Uplink Shibuya, Japan
2015  The Films of Julia Dogra-Brazell Experiments in Cinema Film Festival, USA
2008 Baltimore International Women’s Film Festival, USA
2008 Derek Jarman’s Film Poetry of the Small Medium Lives On Serpentine Gallery, London
2008 International Festival of Cinema and Technology North West Film Forum, USA
2005 Nothing to Declare British Council screening Ginza Art Laboratory, Tokyo
2005 Take 291 291 Gallery, London
2004 Filmart LUX London, Catalyst Arts Belfast.

SUSAN TRANGMAR ‘FRAME OF MIND’ Next Level Ed 2 Vol 4 Oct 2005 – an essay.

GORDON SHRIGLEY/FILMARMALADE (32 minute extract from a two hour interview. Released on DVD with Plot) – Julia Dogra-Brazell in conversation with Helen DeWitt and Anna Thew 2008

(© Gordon Shrigley 2008)