The Rules of the Game (2015)

Super8/iPhone/B&W and Colour/Sound     3 mins 32 secs

A meditation on time, perception and the moving image fashioned from two seemingly disconnected narrative sources. Half enunciated words and phrases from Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper – a cautionary tale on the perils and extravagances of seeing and being seen – qualify extracts from the filmmaker’s own correspondence on film and photography with American artist Elaine Smollin that forms the auditory foreground to this film. Gilman’s short story was published at the start of photography’s ascendancy and just three years before the arrival of the first moving image made for projection.


Screening history:

2017 Crossroads San Francisco Cinematheque/SFMOMA, USA
2017 14th London Short Film Festival, Institute of Contemporary Art London.
Best Experimental Film award nomination
2016 Chronicle of a Sound: The Films of Julia Dogra-Brazell, Uplink Tokyo, Japan
2016 Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, UK
2015 59th BFI London Film Festival, UK
2015 The Films of Julia Dogra-Brazell Experiments in Cinema, USA