2019              Invited speaker Contemporary Arts Practice Research Group, University of

                       Hertfordshire, UK

2016-             Visiting Lecturer in Visual Language of Still and Moving Image

                       Media School ECS-IEJ, London

2016-             Guest Lectures (on film and video art) MA Contemporary Art/Art and Business

                       Semester Programme/Contemporary Art Summer School

                       Sotheby’s  Institute of Art, London

2016              Invited speaker Chronicle of a Sound: The Films of Julia Dogra-

                       Brazell  Uplink Tokyo.  Interview in conversation with Junko


2016              Invited speaker LFF Experimenta workshop at the British Film Institute

2015              Invited speaker Experiments in Cinema , USA

2014-15         Guest lectures (on photography and moving image)  Public Lecture Programmes

                       Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London

2014              Interview in conversation with American artist and writer

                       Elaine Smollin for Experimenta, Artists’ Moving Image

                       Programme of the BFI London Film Festival

2014              Guest lecture on developing practice (MA students) University of Hertfordshire

2011              ‘The New York Photo League: Documentary Photography,

  Film and the Question of ‘Taking Sides’ (conference paper)

  Photography: Event, Trauma, History, Site University of Bern,


2011               Chair, Chris Kraus Symposium, University of Westminster

2010-14         Visiting tutor/artist (Contemporary Art Summer School)

                       Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London

2009              ‘A Photograph in a Film in New York in 1948’ (conference

                       paper) Framing  Film University of Winchester

2009              ‘A Truthful Illusion: Social Realism and Narrative Expression

                       in Postwar Documentary Film’ (conference paper) Place  

                       and Space Birkbeck College University of London

2009              Invited panel member for premier of Sara Preibsch’s film

                       White Shoe Station IMT Gallery London

2009              Interview in conversation with Helen DeWitt (BFI) and Anna

                      Thew  (for release with the dvd of the film Plot)

2008-9           Guest lectures (on photography) London College

                       of Communication, University of the Arts

2006-7           Visiting Lecturer in Photo Theory and Practice, University of


2005              Re-publication of ‘What a Fact Is: Reassessing the Work of

                       Diane Arbus’. Commissioned article to coincide with

                       a retrospective of Arbus’s  work at the V&A. Next Level Ed.

                       2 Vol. 4

2003                Jerwood Commission, new  photographic work for the

                        Wapping Project

2003               Interview in conversation with Luis Camnitzer at the Scene

                        Gallery New York

2000               Co-founded Dalston Underground Studios, Hackney

1999              ‘The Art Object as a Potential Site of Evoked Memory’

                       (symposium paper) Institute of Contemporary Art London

1999              MA in Fine Art  Central St. Martins College of Art and Design

1998              Fixing Ideas  talk for London Independent Photography

1998              BA (hons) in Photography and Multimedia  University of Westminster

Chronicle of a Sound: The Films of Julia Dogra-Brazell, Uplink Tokyo 2016
Experiments in Cinema, 2015
Panel Member IMT London 2009
Interview with Helen DeWitt and Anna Thew 2009 (Still: Gordon Shrigley)