The Storyteller: Between Dog and Wolf (2018)

HD video/ Colour/Sound/8 minutes 11 seconds
English, Romansh with English subtitles.

‘With sparse, elemental imagery and a multivalent narrative voice…Between Dog and Wolf considers liminal states of transition and uncertainty.’
Steve Polta Artistic Director San Francisco Cinematheque

The hour between dog and wolf, is an indeterminate time. It is the moment when day becomes night, when just briefly at dusk, one thing can be taken for another: friend for foe, sleep for death, you for me, dog for wolf. These scenes from a coast where the Roman fleet is thought to have first landed in Britain – in a language thought to be closest in sound to spoken Latin – are part of an ongoing epistemological enquiry. The screenplay is adapted from writings by Virginia Woolf and Raul Ruiz.


2020 Certainty Is Becoming Our Nemesis McEvoy Foundation for the Arts, San Francisco USA
2019   Crossroads 10   SF Cinematheque/SFMOMA USA
2019   Ramsgate Festival of Sound, UK

Steve Polta – ‘Siren Landscapes and Alien Shores’ 2020