‘At once personal and detached, intimate but distancing, Julia Dogra-Brazell’s work casts a spell all of its own.’
Helen DeWitt ‘Up in the Air and Down on the Earth’ Programme Notes

‘A defining element is what is left unspoken, what is left undepicted… a shutter is placed upon the world before us, and in this instant anything may happen.’
Emma Ota ‘Julia Dogra-Brazell’ Uplink Shibuya, Tokyo

‘Among the shattered ecologies of image, we catch a glimpse of something gleaned from the modern unconscious…an unseen actor, a spectral confidant speaking yet always unseen…dependent upon images for her existence. Esse est percipi. To be is to be perceived.’
Elaine Smollin ‘Vision Scored For Voice: the Films of Julia Dogra-Brazell’

Julia Dogra-Brazell has been experimenting with film and video since the late nineties – probing political, historic and technological axioms by way of the contingent, in-coherent and disruptive. She is a regular contributor to international film festivals, gallery exhibitions and media programmes. Works have received awards and funding from public bodies in the UK and abroad, including the British Council, Jerwood Foundation, British Academy, Arts Council England, the Memphis Trust, MOFA Japan and New Mexico Humanities Council.