Smadar Shefi ‘Listening to Silence’


Ha’Aretz, 6 February 2001


‘It’s Easy for Someone of My Age to Become Nostalgic (Tabula Rasa)’

Margaret Anderton, Brenda Mayo, Julia Dogra-Brazell and Dafna Ichilov at the Limbus Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

Four artists are exhibiting at the Limbus Gallery, an unadorned bomb shelter, ugly and claustrophobic. The characteristics of the space favour this exhibition, giving special emphasis to the work’s elegance and minimalism that stand in stark contrast to its surroundings. The exhibitors are three British artists, Margaret Anderton, Brenda Mayo and Julia Dogra-Brazell, and the artist Dafna Ichilov who is also part of the group that runs Limbus. The link between the artists was formed two years ago during shared studies in London.

The exhibition ‘It’s Easy for Someone of My Age to Become Nostalgic (Tabula Rasa)’ deals with presence and absence, attempts to listen to silence, probe the vacuum. It has no strong colours or objects which prepare for the sublime; it’s as if we walk through the exhibition on tiptoe. All the work was made in the last two years, some was completed during the last month. The artists are by no means inexperienced, but the atmosphere evoked is one of freshness and questioning which is certainly interesting. The exhibition enables one to peer into a process that is still in the making…