A Condominium Without Neighbours

by Tali Cohen-Garbuz, Ha’ire, 22 February 2001

‘It’s Easy for Someone of My Age to Become Nostalgic (Tabula Rasa)’

Group show at the Limbus Gallery, Tel-Aviv


… it is not a group piece but an interaction, which will start each of the artists on a personal process geared towards a given exhibition space and under one shared title…

… on the surface there is nothing that appears more obliging than Tabula Rasa since, starting from nothingness, anything can emerge. But with patience, with meticulousness, one can also unveil from behind this emptiness something which still has the presence of something new …

… this exhibition demands [an individual] getting to grips with emptiness, [dealing] with concepts such as non-existence and loss common in contemporary discourse. However, the more interesting interpretation, in my view, lies in a reading which points simultaneously both at the borderline between nothing and becoming, and between ‘darkness on the face of the earth’, that divine tabula rasa, and primal lines of light, sound and shape. From such a reading, emerges a sort of double context: the artist versus the external world and, at the same time, the artist alone at home, with no external noise, faced with the artwork.