Harmony in a Bomb Shelter


by Ouzi Tsur, Ha’ Aretz Weekend, 16 February 2001

‘It’s Easy for Someone of My Age to Become Nostalgic (Tabula Rasa)’


… the four artists, the Israeli artist Dafna Ichilov and British artists Margaret Anderton, Brenda Mayo and Julia Dogra-Brazell, formed a connection during studies at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London. The dialogue between them has since continued, culminating in a group exhibition; founded on the relationship, arising from the works themselves and without any external mediator…

… the four of them have tried, and to a great extent, succeeded in fulfilling their objective. They have created an environment in which each of them exists both individually and collectively. It is an environment in which what is absent is more apparent than what is present; a minimal presence which clearly delineates the empty contours of what is missing. This charged space was cleared of any visual distractions, and in it these beautiful ghosts of people, places, houses, concrete spaces and illusionary spaces, which have either existed or not, are breathed into life.