The Garden (2007)

Super 8 b&w/sound         1 minute

The aggressive sound of a car and a woman’s laughter conjure a sound memory of a moment in Jean-Luc Godard’s Weekend (1967).

Screening History:

2018One Minute Artists Moving Image Festival North Wales, UK
One Minute Vol.8  touring 2014-2015:
2015 Directors Lounge Berlin at Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.), Germany
2015 LIVERPOOL LIGHT NIGHT Festival, Liverpool Small Cinema, BFI Film Audience
Network/ Film Hub North West Central, UK
2014 Helfa Gelf/Art Trail, Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, UK
2014 Furtherfield Gallery, London
2014  Night Cinema The Sleepwalkers International Short Film Festival, Baltic Film and Media
School, Estonia
2008 One Minute International Film and Video Festival, Aarau Switzerland